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As for culinary, Rome has so much to offer. In town you will find restaurants, fast food, markets, cafes and lots of niches and street kiosks serving local street food and multi-cuisine. So for eating alternatives they are not missing!

For Rome there are more than 180 different ethnic groups and each of them has contributed to the culinary tradition of the city.

Via Giuseppe Parini 4 | VialeTrastevere          

00152 Roma 

06 559.3790

The 1920s, Roaring Twenties, Art Nouveau and Jazz.

The era of cultural ferment and industrial expansion.

It is in this climate that our station is born. An arrival station rather than departures.

In the heart of Rome, a few steps from the Trastevere quarter, the LUPPOLO STATION risto-pub is born.

A cozy place, a meltin pot of nationality. Beers from all over the world that you can be accompanied by dishes of Roman cuisine and not only created to be combined with our spines.

A place immersed in a 1920s atmosphere that tells you the artisan beer and its combination with food. You will be overwhelmed by the owners' passion and the genuine cuisine of our chef.

20 spines, selected among the best Italian and foreign breweries, accompanied by culinary products from rigorously Italian farms. In choosing your new favorite beer, you will be helped by our loving publicans who will listen to your tastes and taste you all the plugs at your disposal. You can bring home our selection of bottled beers. We are five extremely enterprising boys and lovers of beers, indeed, we are four boys and a blonde. We learned over time the importance of good beers and made our profession passionate.

Come visit us! Wait for the best artisan beers, great food, an old station and good music.

HOSTS TIPS: Well-furnished brewery with a wide variety of artisan beers where you can taste good sandwiches but also first courses. Great quality of food and beers! Maybe not really cheap.

Via di Monte Testaccio 97                                                                                            

00153 Roma

Flavio al Velavevodetto is a Roman tavern offering delicious dishes of the Roman culinary tradition, traditional cuisine in the heart of Testaccio.

HOSTS TIPS: easy to reach by foot (if you like walk) or by bus 170.
If you go there you MUST taste the Carbonara or Cacio and Pepe!!

Piazzale della Radio 38                                                                                            

00146 Roma 

+39 06 9453 3899

A well-kept, sophisticated and highly sought-after locale with details, from exquisitely vintage furnishings to a combination of relaxing colors.
Apericena sought after and great selection of wines.
Great kitchen staff. Do not miss an aperitif or a dinner, from starters to desserts is all very good.

Via G. Da Castelbolognese  63          

00153 Roma 

+39 06 5812792

The Tavernaccia since 1968 is at the service of taste, proposing the typical flavours of the tradition of Rome in a warm and welcoming environment

Founded fifty years ago by Bruno, Roman by adoption but with Umbrian roots, Tavernaccia has soon become the symbol of excellence of the traditional local cuisine of Trastevere, the most characteristic of the districts of Rome.

Typical Roman dishes always prepared with fresh ingredients, rich and consistent flavors are the secret of our restaurant's success.

Translated with

Via Giuseppe Peano 46         

00146 Roma 

+39 06 5578249

Our feature is Neapolitan pizza, characterized by a soft dough and high edges.
We opened a dining room with tables!
Now you can come and eat us with the freshly baked pizza.
If you prefer, we do the free home delivery service in the area.


Via Gerolamo Cardano, 13, 00146 Roma RM


00149 Rome 

+39 06 5578791

This bakery offers the customer, even the most demanding, all its wonderful and tasty products: not only bread (it is easy to find hot), of all kinds, but also sweets and fresh pasta, including the delicious tuna fish. There is also a gastronomy department where there is only the embarrassment of choice. The salesmen and orders behind the counter are tireless: there is always a smile and a friendly word for the client. The bakery is always full of bread, both because the neighborhood is populated and because the products are excellent

HOSTS TIPS: I don't know what to recommend, from the simplest white pizza to the most tasty cakes, from Easter doves to dumplings, from bread to cereals to tarts... everything is just as good and highly recommended to try!

Via dei Fienaroli, 30a         

00153 Rome 

+39 06 5897196
+39 340 2894144 - +39 327 6817611

In October 2012, after a two years break, we, the former owners of Il Boom, we are back in business in our original location.. However, instead of merely re-opening, we really wanted a fresh new start – and so, drawing from our food and our origins, we have changed the name. And now we are MERIDIONALE (The South) – Trattoria a Trastevere. The two of us, Sasà (from Calabria) and Massimiliano (from Napoli), are in the kitchen in order to guarantee the quality and creativity of our food. We also assure you a brilliant, authentic list of southern wines. We therefore welcome you to our new restaurant, MERIDIONALE – Trattoria a Trastevere, born where we started out in 2000. As in the past, the atmosphere is friendly and professional. Even with a new look, our goal remains the same: to provide you with a comfortable. Homey dining experience, and to prove that you can eat a delicious meal in a cozy atmosphere in the hearth of Rome, without spending a fortune. In 2013 we will also begin the activities of Catering and Food-to-go. Stay tuned for the latest news about this and about other monthly events right here on this website and on our Facebook page. We are waiting for you in Trastevere, in Via dei Fienaroli, so come back soon and bring your friends!.

HOSTS TIPS: Not only roman's cousine but, precisely, "from the south"!

Piazza San Callisto, 5      

00153 Rome 

+39 06 5815378

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