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On this page we try to give you some tips for activities extra-touristics that can be done in Rome during your stay.

We can not list all the possible activities, of course, so let's just make a short list of those that, to our modest notice, may be of interest during your vacation in Rome. Or at least ... what we would do!

Or perhaps you prefer a walk in places near Rome like this ... is the latest hub connecting visitors and locals with the best things to do in the Eternal City! Our network of services and recommendations aims to make you fall in love with Rome, revealing not only the common and well known stuff in the Italian capital but also the attractions off the beaten track. 

In central Rome, just a stone’s throw from the old city centre, we find one of the most characteristic of the city’s quartieri or boroughs. Actually it is not a quartiere at all, in the true sense of the word; it is, however, a corner of Rome which is most surprising for its bizarre architecture – an amazing hotchpotch of Liberty (or Italian Art Nouveau) and Art Deco works, with Greek, Gothic, Baroque and even Medieval influences.

This is quartiere Coppedè, a complex located between the two streets, Via Salaria and Via Nomentana, consisting in 26 small palazzos and 17 villini or detached buildings. A tall, elaborately adorned arch joins the two ambassadors’ palaces, or palazzi degli ambasciatori. A large wrought iron lamp adorns the entrance to this complex – constructed between 1913 by 1926 by the eclectic architect, Gino Coppedè, who gave his name to this quartiere.

This early twentieth-century complex of constructions – a splendidly artificial blend of architectural idioms – adjoins piazza Mincio. Adding to all this ‘pomp and circumstance’ is the Fontana delle Rane (frogs fountain), in the middle of piazza Mincio. It is an imposing work, adorned with 12 frogs (it is also famous because the Beatles jumped into its basin, fully clothed, after a concert at the Piper discothèque nearby). The buildings surrounding the square are variegated in style and size.

The two main buildings feature an abundance of amazing adornments, the Palazzina del Ragno (the spider building) harks back to the style of the Assyro-Babylonians, and features a large spider on its facade. The fairies’ building (Villino delle Fate) is noteworthy for its total lack of symmetry, and its arches and Mediaeval friezes combining any number of materials (marble, brick, travertine, terracotta, glass). The air of fantasy which surrounds this location has attracted a number of film makers. The horror film director, Dario Argento, was enormously impressed by the quartiere Coppedè, and he used it as a set for two of his most famous works “Inferno” (Inferno) and “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo” (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage).


The quartiere also appears in other films, such as “Il profumo della signora in nero” (Perfume of the Lady in Black) by Francesco Barilli, “Ultimo tango a Zagarlo” (Last Tango in Zagarol) by Nando Cicero, and “Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti” (Fiasco in Milan, also known as Hold-up à la milanaise) by Nanni Loy, starring Vittorio Gassman.

Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 136

00146 Roma

+39 065741053

+39 3428711336, +39 3394913146, +39 3391027340

We are specialized in renting scooters and bikes and in the organization of exclusive guided tours in Rome, the Eternal city.

Our first aim is to allow you to visit, learn about and finally fall madly in love with our city - the Caput Mundi: Rome - giving you the freedom of movement with safe vehicles. 

Our priority is to meet and satisfy your needs.

It is easy, just contact us and we can tailor your artistic, culinary or cultural itinerary by bike, scooter or walking with our experienced local guides!

Looking forward to seeing you soon to have fun and enjoy your experience with Biga Bike!

Explore the Eternal City with Big Bus Tours Rome

Soak up ancient wonders and ambient culture aboard our Rome sightseeing tours. Explore Rome from 8+ stops, conveniently located close to major landmarks and attractions. Immerse yourself in the city's remarkable beauty and heritage with our flexible tours, which allow you to hop on and hop off the bus as much as you like.

Buses are scheduled to arrive at each stop every 15 minutes, giving you the freedom to sightsee at your own pace. Hop off to snap the perfect photo, or stay to explore for hours - the choice is yours with Big Bus Tours. You can also choose between 1- or 2-day bus tickets, giving you plenty of time to check out iconic landmarks and uncover some of Rome's secret sights.

If you need a car to visit the many places around rome this car hire is the closest to YourHome@Rome.

Short term rental is a choice of fast and safe mobility.
Services are aimed at private customers, freelance professionals and firms, cars, vans and motorcycle can be rented for a variable duration from a day to a month.

Necessary documents for Short term rental:
Identity card and valid driving license, the driver’s credit card (not prepaid).

Porta Portese Market

Porta Portese is the market in Rome for excellence.

This lively place, typically Roman, has been a source of inspiration for registers, writers and singers. In this place, after the war, "Roman Romans" could sell, buy and trade the most strange objects. Today, following the succession of generations of walkers, Moroccans, Indians and Chinese have joined together, making Porta Portese one of the most famous markets in Italy and Europe for its multi-ethnicity and for finding the most unthinkable items.
This is because, like all flea markets, this market offers all kinds of junk, book, antique, toy, disco, mobile, cosmetics and vintage postcards.
The market opens every Sunday at 6:00 in the morning until 14:00 and the best deals are made right at the opening or closing time of the market

Via Ponte di Piscina Cupa 64          

00128 Castel Romano, Roma,

Telefono: +39 0650 50050


At Castel Romano Designer Outlet, you can find your favourite designer brands from 30% to 70% off, all year round. Our beautiful setting, cafes and restaurants, children’s play area , parking and more than 150 boutiques, we offer something for everyone. We have a wide range of stores, ranging from iconic fashion brands like Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Michael Kors to athletic labels, like Nike and adidas, and casual favourites, like Guess and Diesel.

Via del Commercio 36          

00154  Roma

+39 06 574 7826

+39 331 760 5752


Started for 20 years with a 360-degree clientele, PLANET ROMA is pleased to have organized thousands of concerts with famous artists in the national and international music scene, and has given space to thousands of emerging artists.

Countless plays and cabaret performances have contributed to a cultural growth of the entire urban fabric, also recalling numerous events dedicated to fundraising for charity.

Every musical genre, every trend, every generation find themselves in the evenings organized with different music selections to spend their free time free: live music, performances, choreographies, rock, dance, hip hop, house, techno, electronics, latino American, revival '60 -'70-'80 -'90-2000, reggae and whatever is both musical, cultural and fun expression.

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